Write a site-specific biosecurity plan!

Designate a Biosecurity Coordinator on your operation, and use the resources below to get started.

If you already have a biosecurity plan, compare it to the checklist below and make sure all the items are included in your plan. If not, enhance your biosecurity plan.

Document Your Biosecurity Practices!

Use Signage on the Site!​

For additional biosecurity signage that can be used on the poultry site, visit:

CFSPH Infection Control Resources

Complete Biosecurity Training!

Ensure everyone on the farm is aware of biosecurity requirements

The biosecurity plan can only work if EVERYONE on the site follows it ALL of the time, which requires training.

Encourage caretakers to watch the three training videos below, which can be completed in just 30 minutes, or download the corresponding PowerPoints to use in your employee training program.

Educational Videos

Enrty Log
Do Not Bring Disease to the Poultry Site

Watch 7 min Video

Download PowerPoint

Understanding the Perimeter Buffer Area

Watch 12 min Video

Download PowerPoint

Understanding the Line of Separation

Watch 11 min Video

Download PowerPoint


Caretakers should review the portions of the biosecurity plan applicable to their job duties, and may reference the applicable handouts as necessary.

Non‐farm personnel should also read the handouts, to help ensure that individuals working on or visiting your farm do not bring disease to your site.